Surviving breast cancer

Hi, I am Mary Anne Cook, On September 16 of 2003 I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my left breast. I had a left mastectomy on the 29 of September 2003 and have survived. Thank God I had my yearly mammogram and it was caught early. The support from my 3 daughters, Granddaughters, Sister, Aunt and nieces has helped me greatly. I encourage everyone to get that mammogram. It could save your life. I survived, my sister in law didn't. Remember no one has to die from breast cancer it is Curable. My sister in law died from breast cancer in June 2000. She left behind 5 children the youngest being 13 years old, and 3 grandchildren. She has 5 more grandchildren born after her death. They will never know their grandmother. She didn't have to die from breast cancer. If she had just had the surgery when they found it she might still be alive today enjoying all 8 of her grandchildren. Don't delay, get that mammogram today or as soon as you can.
Mary Anne Cook
Frankfort, IN