Survivor 15 years

Fifteen years ago my children were 4 and 6. I was 34 and never even had a mamogram. After the diagnosis from a doctor in my home town, he gave me the grim news. He was not hopeful for me and was very cold. My husband took me home and we told the family. My brother had connections with wonderful doctors, to which he promptly made an appointment for me. Dr. Gaynor, was a miracle worker. He told my husband and I, "I am not looking to prolong your life, I am looking to save your life." He told us that 5 years prior there was no cure for that type of cancer. He said there was a 'recipe' that I must to follow, which included chemo, a bone marrow transplant, and radiation. I was hospitilized for 3 weeks when I had the transplant and I experienced 'shake and bake', which was one of the darkest nights in my life. My husband was my strength, he did everythig for me including administering shots in my leg after each chemo treatment. My parents were running ragged for me too. Mom took care of the kids tirelessly. After my radical mascetomy, in the beginning of it all, my pathology reports came back that I was cancer free, but I kept my eye on the ball as Dr. Gaynor told me I had to follow through with the 'recipe'. Some people see that they are well and they stop treatment, but it comes back. So I stayed the course and 15 years later I am well, my daughter is 20 and my son 18. I have been so blessed to watch them grow and become extraordinary people. MY gratitude to my husband, parents, my brother and of course Dr. Gaynor will never disapate.
Long Beach, NY