Thanks To God, My Wonderful Family & Friends

Good Morning, I was diagnosed five years ago with ductal breast cancer. I had cancer three years pryor to that which was thyroid cancer and was caught early, had my thyroid removed and radiation. When I got the call about the breast cancer I thought oh, no it's spread. But I soon learned that it had not spread, it was completely two different types of cancer. I just got hit twice as the doctor's said. So I had my first lumpectomy and received a call from the doctor we didn't get the clear circle so we have to do this again. Three lumpectomies later they were going to do a 4th and I said, No. I want the breast removed.The doctor's asked why I opted for the mastectomy? I told them because I want to live to see my Grandchildren grow up. I'd rather be without a breast than the alternative. I had the mastectomy did very well and I Thank God every day that I am still here. But without my Faith and my Family & Friends it would have been much much harder. I just passed my 9 year mark with thyroid cancer and 5 last fall for the breast cancer. :):) I lost my Mother during my ordeal which made it even harder for me. But she would have wanted me to be strong. I miss her every day. Two of my Friends and I started giving Fundraisers for Cancer and raised alot of money to help others. We will continue to do this. I just turned 66 and am Loving Life to the fullest. Make sure you get your Mammogram every year. Write me if you need a shoulder, I am here for you. Love & God Bless, Joyce Peterson :)
Joyce Peterson
Madison Hts., MI