The fight will continue in memory of Cindy Eubanks

My story begins back in 2004 when I lost one of my best friends to breast cancer. I had also fought the disease and won my fight. Cindy did not; in our final conversations prior to her death, Cindy asked that I do something to keep the awareness front and center of the importance of mammograms and early detection. It was a time that I needed to do something for her and in her fashion, she went to work preparing all of us for what was to come. As a member of Soroptimist International of Rockwall, our focus is assistance to women and children for health needs. That year we joined the international fundraising campaign called WomenAid, and decided to focus our efforts on offering mammograms to any woman that could not afford the procedure. Each year since 2005 we have supported the local Helping Hands Clinic and have gone from the first year of $5,000 to the current campaign goal of $75,000. I am proud to say the promise I made to Cindy has grown into an annual event saving lives. This I am sure of. I love this website and share it often. Cindy used to tell me when taking on volunteer work, "Just say yes and then find your way". I will continue living by this motto and "Saying yes" when I can make a difference. For photos, visit our website or our latest campaign, Karen Coughlin, Rockwall Texas
Karen Coughlin
Rockwall, TX