The Hand of God

I am not yet a survivor but am and have been a supporter. I was told of my first cancer almost two years ago. Saying the "C" word out loud was the first hurdle. I turned to prayer, not everyone can. As if the cancer wasn't enough, I got a bad infection in the hospital. My immune system became shot. I had to stay away from all germs and went on a diet to boost my immune system. During this time, my parents became ill, my father died and two weeks later my son-in-law had three strokes and a seizure. Our family became closer and we prayed together and separately and felt the prayers of family and friends. It was like a gentle hug. During this time a few weeks after the stroke, I found a lump on my breast. I thought it was nothing, but went to the doctor and he whisked me off for mamogram and ultrasound. I was booked in two days to have a biopsy. How could I tell the family? Haven't they endured enough? How do I tell my daughter? I turned to prayer. I am terrified of bridges and during my prayer I saw a vision of our Lord on a bridge with his hand out, beckoning me to come. Of course I argued, but His hand invited me to come and so I did. His hand carried me across the bridge and carried me through my masectomy. The entire family embraced me and we survived and will continue to do so.
Lynn L'Heureux
Calgary, Canada