The Importance of Mammograms and Counseling

At age 61, I started to lactate in my right breast...the tumor was benign. After loosing my husband to Lung Cancer in '03, being so angry and lost...I didn't have my yearly mammogram for 4 years. I just didn't care. I have had so many byospies in my life that they became second nature to me. When I finally had my mammogram, I was told I had Cancer all around my removed milk gland and needed a mastectomy. My thinking was if I could get Cancer where I had a biyospy in one breast, why couldn't the same apply to my other breast? I elected at age 68, to have a double mastectomy. I no longer have Breast Cancer...and because of the double, I no longer worry about my breast. I have to tell you that I went through what is know as SURVIVORS GUILT. I had never heard of it before and that is why I am mentioning this.I felt so guilty that my Cancer was taken care of... but there was NOTHING anyone could do for my husband. I went to one of our local Cancer Centers...was seen by a Cancer Counselor...and today I am just so very blessed. I am CANCER FREE.
Valerie Matricciani
Havre de Grace, MD