The Supporters

Hi I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 13 years ago just before my 50th Birthday. I was devastated. I said "I don't want to die". My husband said "you are not going to die, we are going to fight this with all we can" All my plans for my 50th celebrations were put on hold of course and the treatment began. I went through lumpectomy, chemo & radiation. My very long hair fell out and my husband said I looked like a baby monkey with my tufts of hair (which we of course shaved off). All I can say is "thank god for my husband" he got me through this without a murmur of complaint. He was my rock. Everyone kept asking me how I was but nobody ever asked how he was, he was supportive and strong, but, you know, your family are effected by this, they go through every step with you. Well anyway, one year later I actually had a great party for my 50th and 13 years on I am a better person for the experience. This taught me about the priorities in life. Be strong and positive.
Melbourne, Australia