This doesn't happen in our family!

That's what we thought anyway...that is, until my husband and I heard the radiologist's words "What you're looking at is a highly suspicious mass Mrs. Christerson". It was October 2007 and I had just had my annual mammogram done for the 2nd time in as many weeks. We looked at one another, gulped and asked what needed to happen next. The radiologist told us to make an appointment for a biopsy at the desk. The next available time was in two weeks; I took the appointment card and we drove home. Later that afternoon, my primary physician called me at home to discuss the report he had just received. "Did you schedule a biopsy?" I told him I was scheduled to have one in two weeks. "NO, that won't due. I'm calling a breast surgeon I know and you will see her tomorrow or the next day." I thank God for his assertiveness and authority in the matter every day because the breast surgeon found two different kinds of tumors in my right breast and scheduled me for a bilateral mastectomy. One month later, it was all over. The pathology report actually showed cancer cells had been found in my left breast as well. Since my margins were clean, radiation was not in my future. My oncologist ordered the onco test and it showed that chemo would not be beneficial. Now, a year and a half later, I know without a doubt that each day is a gift not to be squandered. Don't delay in taking care of yourselves! Your life is precious and there is a purpose for each of us!
pam christerson
Roswell, GA