Thought it would never happen to me.

I found a lump in my right breast on June 15,2007 and I had just had a mammogram in January 2006. Went through all the procedures to find out if it was cancer. It was. Doctor thought he could do lumpectomy. Had lumpectomy and when I went back for check up doctor told me they found six more cancers around edge of lump and also in my lymph nodes. I was in total shock, because I thought it was all over after lumpectomy. Had to go back in hospital and have mycectomy and all of lymph nodes removed. Took Chemo and radiation.Did real good through both and recently had reconstruction and reduction and am now doing very good. As of this date (June 21,2009) I am cancer free. My advice is just take one day at a time when you are going through cancer discovery. Don't fight the treatments but just go with them as you get through each treatment. There is light at the end of the tunnell.
Joan Dotson
Conway, SC