Tribulation or Blessing?--Both!

My Tribulation by Cynthia S. Groff Cancer, the tribulation I now must face One day my God will completely erase A perfect body awaiting me In which no disease or pain shall be Glory to Him and victory to us both so sweet Through complete healing here Or streets of gold beneath my feet After 3 rounds of antibiotics, steroid taper, no improvement, & 2 chest x-rays for walking pneumonia I had a CT scan to evaluate fluid on my right lung (2.5 liters!). The radiologist wanted to talk--that was not good. He showed the view of my fluid-filled lung then the true cause...a tennis-ball sized mass in my right breast. It was May 18, 2007--my 49th birthday. How could that be there and me not know? Mammogram--coulda, woulda, shoulda, nada? Do you think I really wanted to be run over by a steam roller? Guess what?--Ever heard of soft-compression mammograms? No more fear of the "rack"! Go for it girls! Just ask! Since my official diagnosis of Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer, June 2007, I now have ~14 sites involved. Scared? No. Complete, solid peace from day one. I have an Awesome Savior! I'm in a win-win situation. One way or the other (death/extended life) He'll get the glory and we'll both get the victory! I'm blessed with the most wonderful hubby, family, extended family, church family, oncologist, chemo nurses, friends, and others (many I've never met) literally around the world praying for and cheering me on. The power of prayer is awesome! Tribulation: Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer Responsibility: II Corinthians 1:3&4 (King James Version) Goal: No pity-woe-is-me parties; 20 more years-at least! Blessings: Salvation, breaths, heartbeats, serving God, others' prayers, AND it's me with cancer--NOT those I love Attitude: Keep a smile and keep going!
Cynthia Groff
Garner, NC