Truly Blessed

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 33 years old. I felt a lump in my breast and promptly went to the doctor. My doctor assured me it had all the characteristics of a benign tumor, but sent me for a mammogram anyway. The surgeon ordered an ultrasound and biopsy...again insisting it was benign. The lump I felt was not cancerous; however there was a stage one triple negative tumor behind it. It seriously looked like a white dot on the ultrasound! Luckily, my lymph nodes were cancer free. What this means? Had I not felt the lump, the cancerous tumor deep inside would have continued to grow until big enough for me to feel or 7 years later when I was scheduled for my first mammogram at 40. I would have died. I am a one and a half year survivor and have to do everything I can to get the word out. Everyone age 20 and up should get a mammogram yearly. It saved my life and could save yours. Please pass it on... :) While I was undergoing treatment a coworker who hadn't had a mammogram in 2 years decided to get one (I bug a lot of people now). They found stage one breast cancer! Although hers was hormone positive and mine was negative, our stories were almost identical. She is a one year survivor now and we have a bond for life. You just never know!
Sherri Bare
Des Plaines, IL