Walking in the Footsteps of Hero's

Walking in the footsteps of Hero's is a journey that began for our family in December 2007.I undertook a gruelling 96km's trek, over 9 days through the Papua New Guinea jungle in one of the most remote & historically significant parts of the world. Together with a group of 12 women, including my sister, we raised $140,000 for Breast Cancer Research. We began our journey in December 2007 when Mum (56) experienced pain under her right arm. A few weeks later Mum received the diagnos of advanced stages of Breast Cancer. For us, Xmas is a constant reminder of the beginning of Mum's courageous journey because she started ChemoTreatment on the 28th of December 2007. To get ready for Kokoda does take guts! Its not just a physical journey, but quite an emotional one as well, which has not been without sacrifice. I feel extremely privileged to be able to share our story with you, but it hasn't been without heartache, a few laughs and also many tears. Mum is recovering so well after her Chemo, Mastectomy and Radiotherapy. Her prognosis is very good and although we can't say remission just yet, we are tracking toward a very positive future and is back to fulltime work. So, to all you ladies with your scaves, and concaved chests, please have faith that you are not alone. My poem is for you. The bright days outweighed the blue, in her eyes at least.Her smile still lit a room even though her spirit and her breast were gone.Her chest a reminder of a fallen hero, a track which will forever remain close to her heart. A silk scarf so soft it protected her from prying eye's is the public face of love, of courage, honour hope and beauty.You are my modern day hero.
Nicole Wood
Brisbane, Australia