When my life changed

My name is Karla and I was 43 years old when my life changed forever. I found a small lump in my right breast around the nipple area. I had be plagued with benign cysts all my life and in the past all the cysts had hurt to the touch. This didn't. I am a nurse and had heard all my career that cancer typically didn't hurt. Not to say that it can't but I new I needed to see a doctor. Went and was scheduled for biopsy. The biopsy turned out to be cancerous. The surgeon advised me to go to the cancer center to discuss the BRCA testing. Mine was positive. I was scared to death. We decided that a double mastectomy was the way to go. Surgery was scheduled within a day or so. That was a hard decision to make because I felt like I was loosing something that God had given me. When the breast tissue was sent to pathology there were 2 different types of cancer found one in the right and the other in the left. The Lord definitely had his hand in my decision as he does in everything after numerous surgeries with reconstruction and serious check ups I am now cancer free! I firmly believe that early detection is the key. It's better to be pro-active than re-active! I urge people that are going through this nasty dease now to NEVER GIVE UP!! Turn to our Lord to see you through. I know without him and the support of my family and friends I would not be here today. May God Bless!
Karla MmcDonald
East Bend, NC