You must do your best to get the Best

My Mom was told she had breast cancer in 1997, she had surgery. At her follow-up she was told it was gone. In 2006 she was told she had a lump but it could be removed and the Dr. again said it was gone. When she returned for a checkup a few weeks later, they said they missed some and that it spread to her surrounding breast and that they needed to remove more. We took her to the Fox Chase Center in Philadelphia, but it was in her bones by then and spread quickly to her brain, she did not go to a cancer specialist until it was out of control. She died in 2007, days before the cancer walk she wanted to be a part of. You need to go to a specialist, I have had braca test, I do not have the gene. I believe you should do all you can to keep healthy and try to go to a Dr. who knows what they are up against. My Mom did not know how bad it was until it was too late. Her sister had breast cancer after her, and she is free from cancer cause she went to a cancer specialist, we can be survivors with the right help.
Philadelphia, PA