Youll make it through this with the help of god

My mom is a breast cancer survivor and recently we found out my mom had breast cancer in the other boob she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000 they were able to remove it with out removing her boob this time they have to remove both boobs in three more days the doctor has mentioned that she may have more cancer then what we think.She was examined january 12 2009 and they said she had a hernia and siste that maybe cancers so they still havent given a time period on how long she has to live but its pretty short I know we all will get through this espeacialy her i am the oldest(15) of her 4 kids she has me my sister April (14) my brother Rudy (9) and my little sister Allyssa (7) so were all going through it we have no family no friends so its hard to determine were we will be if something is to happen I am looking to find a support group to help my mom get through this she means the world to me shes all i have besides my brother and sister im hopping something good will come out of this but so far its just pain we dont have much but we get by god has gotten us this far she is to young to die she is only 45 years old same age as my mothers mom when she died of cancer so its a big worry and scare let me cut this short im getting all teary eyed writing this so god bless and take care of your selfs plz pray
adelanto, CA